Security & Environment

Security & Environment

Did you know that gasoline evaporation and spillage are partly responsible for global warming?

For the last 30 years, DSD International Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of a range of the most ecological and efficient safety spouts available on the market, for gasoline as well as for chemical products.

Our safety spouts allow you to see inside the container to be filled and be able to stop the flow of gasoline to the level recommended by the engines manufacturers’, preventing the risk of spillage and explosion.

Note that the safety spouts manufactured by DSD International Inc have a child lock mechanism:

  • Aiming to prevent the risks of accidents with children.
  • Preventing the opening of the valve in the event the container falls, these safety spouts make transporting gasoline containers much safer and clean, while reducing harmful emissions.

DSD International Inc. safety spouts are approved for sale in the United States and meet the US standards of the California Air Resource Act, the strictest worldwide regulations for the protection of ambient air.

At DSD, environmental protection is at the core of our company values!


Did you know?

Before the implementation of the regulations of the California Air Resource Act regarding the transportation and use of gasoline in portable containers:

  • 1.432 000 pounds (716 tons) of gas escaped into the air each day in the United States, 74% due to missing spouts or open vents and 8% due to spills.
  • In the United States, gasoline related injuries (ex.: ingestion, inhalation, explosions, etc.) are estimated at a number of 42 000 per year. Many of these injuries might have been prevented, according to if the customers had been aware of the highly dangerous characteristics of gasoline and had used a safety spout with a child lock mechanism.
  • Gasoline is made up of a mixture of 150 products such as benzene which is highly carcinogen.