Maple Sugaring

Maple Sugaring

Maple production is an ancient agricultural activity in North America. It uses traditional techniques often combined with modern technology.

The challenge of this industry is to optimize the amount of sap harvested from each tree by a reduction in loss of technical efficiency, and a reduced need for maintenance.

DSD International Inc. designed and developed new products used in the harvest of maple sap water. These spouts, collars, tubing and connectors offer superior efficiency, never achieved until now!

Once again the creative and inventive spirit of the DSD International Inc., allowed us to meet important needs through the development of highly innovative products.

This is how the "DSD STARS - Maple Tapping Equipment” line was designed, in 2012. With its success both in the laboratory and on the field, our product range has expanded in 2014 with the addition of several new products, such as high-performance drill bits and mainline tubing for spring 2015.




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