Constant search for improvement

Since its founding in 1987, DSD International Inc. has been continuously searching on improving the products it manufactures. We are recognized because of our inventions and innovative products that we put on the market.

Over the years, many honors were received to reward the work accomplished by DSD International Inc. as well as to its owner and inventor, Mr. Leandre Vachon and president, Mrs. Sonia Vachon.

Among these let us mention:
  • Gala Zénith 2022

    DSD International win the award : "Human resource attraction, integration and retention"
  • Zénith Gala 2015

    Our president, Sonia Vachon stood out at the gala Zenith 2015. The jury awarded her the title of : "Person of the Year 2015" and for "Business women of the Year 2015".
  • Zénith Gala 2012

    Award for "Manufacturing Company with over 40 employees” of the Year Award for "Exporting Company” of the Year
  • 14th olympic industrial and commercial 1998-1999-2000

    New product 1998-99-00 for Safety Spout (BV99US) Presented by “Canada's Administration Club” Thetford Mines Chapter (Category - SME Industry)
  • Housing Innovation 1991

    Excellence Award HABITAS – INNOVATION for our “Econo+Stake". 20th National Home Show and Exterior Solutions Award remitted by the Government of Quebec: Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Quebec Housing Corporation
  • CIIM Excellence Award 1985

    Excellence award remitted by the Business innovation center for the "Stop Flow Safety Spout”